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Mark_Beale_NLP_Hypnotherapy_CoachIndividual NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching sessions from a range of therapists in Thailand and around the world.

Flow Sessions are individual, one to one sessions, to resolve subconscious issues and achieve peak performance.

Flow Training offers group training in subconscious mind skills, leading to professional certification in Hypnotherapy & NLP.

Mark Beale, founder of Flow Training and Flow Sessions is now travelling outside of Thailand from August 2014 and 2015, so recommends our other therapists or our friends at Neurogens, in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

All the Flow Sessions therapists here are graduates of Flow Training, in addition to their wealth of other training and professional experience, from medical to corporate. We offer a choice of languages, rates and locations from Thailand to around the world. As you explore this site, you can find the Flow Sessions Coach, NLP Practitioner or Hypnotherapist that best fits you.

What is the subconscious?

Mark Beale describes how the subconscious works, and what you can expect, so you can prepare for a session.

Mark_Beale_NLP_Hypnotherapy_Coach What are Your Goals and Benefits?

What do you want? How will you know when you have it? What will it look and feel like? How will it be three months from now, and three years from now? Put it in writing. Words with focused intention have power.

ebook hypnosis downloadGet started now by downloading and starting the one page Goals and Benefits resource. You can call a therapist to discuss the material these questions bring up before your initial consultation or session. All correspondence and sessions are treated as strictly confidential.

How Does It Work? What Can We Do?

You can check out the videos and download the PDF 'Subconscious Mind Success Guide'. Your Flow Sessions Coach will explain in person or on the phone how these general principals could apply to your situation.

Mark Beale explains NLP in this TV interview.

* How can NLP give you an edge in Business?
* How do professional communicators use NLP?
* What are examples of NLP being used personally?

Hypnotherapy - the Subconscious

Learn more about Hypnotherapy

Get to the Heart of the Mind

Even when we know what we should do, it can be struggle to change with just conscious effort. The path can look unclear or conflicted, sound too difficult or feel heavy. Yet we sense the benefits of letting go of baggage, to gain more lightness and harmony. read more...

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

Personal Breakthroughs | Professional Skills

Experience NLP's range of tools and techniques for...
Communication; tools for understanding and influence.
Connection; rapport with others, deep self-confidence.
Decision Making; get clarity & motivation for action.
Relationships; hear, see and feel in new ways.

Coaching - Life & Peak Performance

Learn more about Coaching

Fully Achieve Your Goals & Enjoy Success

Get back on track. Stay on track until you fully realize your goals. Fully appreciate 'success', in all areas of life.

Your Personal & Professional goals - doing - and your well-being, are worth investing in.

Why Use Your Subconscious Mind? | What Do Sessions Work For?

Our mission is to help put you in touch with your own inner wisdom. As you read this website, you can relate what you find here to what you are looking for.

You may have consciously recognised a situation in daily life. You know it would benefit from a change. Though you're not sure exactly how to do it now, and for good. You may sense hypnotherapy can help. But find it harder to explain why. You can feel good just for realizing you have a conscious and subconscious mind. From this starting point, things get easier. Because you can skillfully connect with our powerful inner self.

Habitual actions, thoughts or emotions can work on automatic pilot and keep us in the past. We may even know the answer, consciously, but find that’s not enough to make permanent change. We may be strong most of the time, then react to a trigger that creates a moment of weakness.

Your powerful subconscious mind then becomes the key. We can learn to speak it’s language.

Hypnotherapy helps by accessing the truly influential subconscious limiting thoughts, emotions or perceptions and gets them working harmoniously for you, no longer against you. You can effectively and efficiently direct your subconscious 'automatic pilot' and listen to your 'superconscious' inner wisdom.

We can move away from subtle blocks, inner conflicts and heavy emotions, from the past. Then move towards more freedom, lightness and authentically good feelings, in the moment.

Subconscious techniques can be therapeutic and help work through issues. Though the focus is often to learn strategies for peak performance to move to the next level.

Free Hypnosis MP3s Are Included With Sessions

Mark has created a wide range of complete hypnosis MP3 programs, so you will receive a valuable resource relating to your issue to compliment the breakthroughs in your sessions. These help maintain positive momentum while you indulge in the pleasurable relaxation of hypnosis.

How many sessions will I need?

Generally three sessions, once a week. This allows a beginning, middle and end that you can integrate into your daily life. We will a) address the symptoms, b) gain insights into the core issues, c) apply a holistically safe solution and d) test to ensure positive lasting change.

Flow Training - Certification Courses in NLP & Hypnotherapy

People who complete a series of Flow Sessions often go on to take Flow Training courses. The courses can continue to help the process of moving forward. It's fascinating to discover the details behind how the techniques worked for them, and for with other people by seeing and doing. Their personal experience often enables them to heal and help others.

NLP Basic Practitioner Brochure PDF
NLP Master Practitioner Brochure PDF
NGH Hypnotherapy Brochure PDF


Mark W. Beale, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mark Beale NLP Bangkok
+66 (0)82-616-7054
Practitioner: Hypnotherapist | NLP Therapist | NLP Coach
Trainer: NGH Hypnotherapy Trainer | NFNLP NLP Master Trainer

Mark is now travelling outside of Thailand from August 2014 and 2015
Language & Nationality: English | New Zealand
Email: mark@flowsessions.org

Biography Mark is the founder of Flow Training and Flow Sessions, previously called "Bangkok Hypnotherapy & NLP". Mark is passionate about assisting people make powerful breakthroughs in their life, often at the most challenging times. His trainings give the skills and certifications required for others to also give excellent sessions.

Manarat Nimsakul, Bangkok, Thailand

+66 (0)89-988-0256
Practitioner: Hypnotherapist | Success Coach

Location: Bangkok, Ladprao - 3,000Bt per 90 minute session
Website: KruFirstManarat
Language & Nationality: Thai | Thailand
Background: Teacher / Speaker / Body Work Trainer
Email: manarat@flowsessions.org

Biography Manarat comes from a therapeutic and management background. She is a senior trainer in massage and body work, so specializes in natural holistic healthcare therapies. She is also a speaker and trainer of business professionals. She can assist people in overcoming blocks, and moving forward to achieve success. .

Nasit 'Miracle' Nimsakul, Bangkok, Thailand

+66 (0)89-157-5654
Practitioner: Hypnotherapist | Success Coach

Location: Bangkok, Ladprao - 3,000Bt per 90 minute session
Language & Nationality: Thai | Thailand
Background: Spa Trainer / Spa Manger Management Trainer & Coach
Email: nasit@flowsessions.org

Biography; Miracle helps people make personal breakthroughs, emphasizing "Positive Attitude - Love Fun & Grateful". He specializes in "CEO Coaching Thailand", which provides insights into how to change your life, and give you strength... so you can access your own inner Coach.

Jane Thayyluck Nimmannit, Chon Buri, Chiang Mai

Jane NLP
+66 (0)86-544-0059
Practitioner: Hypnotherapist | NLP Master Practitioner

Locations: Chiangmai, Chonburi, Bangkok, Thailand
Session 1: 4,500 THB per 2 hour session (private rate only)
Session 2: 2,500 THB per 1 hour counseling (on-going support only)
Language & Nationality: Thai & English | Thailand
Background: MBA, NGO's, Heal Your Life Workshops, Relationship Coach, Healer
Email: jane@flowsessions.org

Biography; Jane's holistic healing focuses on the “Relationship Path of Integration” and the “Enlightenment
Path of Transformation”. She is also a dedicated Buddhist mediation practitioner, experienced in the Arts, NDEs and the spiritual path, which brings an emphasis on heart and soul in her sessions, for Happiness, Love and Success.

Donald Eubanks, Guangzhou City, China

+86 134-3204-7978
Practitioner: Hypnotherapist

Location, Primary: Guangzhou City, China - $100US per 2 hour session
Language & Nationality: English | American
Background: University Teacher, BA Phil, BSE Ed
Email: donald@flowsessions.org

Biography Donald, as a philosopher, has a 'love of wisdom'. As a man he projects a 'wisdom of love.' His clear insight, intelligence and compassion make him and energizing and inspiring teacher and hypnotherapist, who can help you see and tap into your own inner wisdom, feel good, and get great results.

Evin Pinar Butt, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

+84 122-395-9237
Practitioner: Certified Life Coach, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - $100US per 90 minute session
Language & Nationality: English, Turkish | Turkish
Email: evin@flowsessions.org

Biography With over ten years living an expatriate lifestyle, Evin has gained insights on Coping Skills for Expatriate Life and Personal Development. She specialized in providing coaching to expat families and women with varied cultural backgrounds. She is dedicated to facilitating life transitions and inspire positive change in her clients. She provides various coaching programs based on Neuro Linguistic Programing principles.

Serena, London, England

Practitioner: Hypnotherapist | NLP Master Practitioner

Location, Primary: London, South West - £100 per 90 minute session
Language & Nationality: Italian, English, French, Spanish | Italian
Background: Director, Asset Management Company.
Email: serena@flowsessions.org

Biography Serena has a strong professional finance and sales background, so she understands and uses motivation, communication and NLP coaching techniques skillfully in professional environments. She also has a warmth and humor that helps her connect easily on personal issues, from removing limiting beliefs that relate to habits, to working with emotions, helping people to move forward with more peace.

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